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Spanish for English speakers

Molinos de Viento is a Spanish language institute that has been rooted in Amsterdam for over 30 years! We are known for the variety and quality of our courses and the friendly atmosphere in our centre.

Spanish for English speakers

For those students that prefer to study in English rather than Dutch, we offer a beginners course Spanish for English speakers 'Basic Spanish 1'. In this course you will complete the level together with other non-Dutch students.


In all the courses after 'Basic Spanish 1' the main language spoken in class is Spanish. Those students that have completed the course Basic Spanish 1 or that already have some knowledge of the Spanish language, can subscribe for higher level groups.

Nevertheless, when you already have some knowledge of the Spanish language and you did not follow Basic Spanish 1 in our centre, we recommend you to fill in this test that will enable us to learn more about your level. We will contact you about the result.

Private lessons

Looking to make even faster progress?! Have a specific reason for learning Spanish? Whether you need Spanish for business or pleasure, we can help! Check out our private lessons and learn whenever or wherever suits you. We provide the best teachers and the maximum of flexibility. Learn on your own or with a friend or 2.
Contact info@molinosdeviento.nl for more information.